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The Sun in Libra is shining its light upon the wounds of Chiron in Aries, respectively. Feeling the need to rebalance is an order, but through an objective view. This can sound unnerving, but necessary in order to move past this ache you have been carrying for some time. Even though tears are viewed as weakness, it is not. Tears are essential to wash away the wounds in order to heal the soul. However, reflecting back and replaying your past decisions in a constant loop can delay your healing process.

Pride can be your downfall. Silence the inner critic, and see this as a learning experience. The course you have laid out will help you see things from a better perspective, and realize that the lessons learned is what will help you define your true self.

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Some Karma might be brought up or cleared. Try not to force your point of view in order to be heard. Those you love will come around and will be easier to adapt to your messages after this transit is over. Tag a friend that could use this message! I wish I could say that to grow in mediumship you just need to practice, practice, practice.

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To grow in your mediumship, means you must grow in yourself. How you are in your everyday life is how you will be in your mediumship. Mediumship development has taught me these last two years that the growth is internal. You must begin working on yourself and healing the parts of yourself that block you or limit you from your true mediumistic abilities. Baby steps everyday to help you get closer to source. Take what you need and leave the rest. What you have done will have to suffice for the time being.

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Tag someone you love below! We are more inclined to see the sunnier side of life. Life lessons sting a little less and we are able to see the bigger more philosophical nature of the way things are right now. Tag a friend that could benefit from reading this! My fellow libras I know I am looking forward to the next few weeks of love and light that can be bestowed upon us! Time to celebrate where you've come from!

Today the Moon is in Cancer all day until around 6 pm est when the moon will go void.

All this means is that it isn't the best time for starting a project until the moon finishes its transit into Leo tomorrow which is when we can really make use of the fresh signs in both the Sun and the Moon. Leo gives us passion, initiative and confidence to create such a change Oh, and btw did I mention it is the September Equinox today?! Make plans for starting fresh tomorrow. It's a good day for spell casting anything that you'd like to release back into the void.

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Tag a friend that could use this pick-me-up note from the universe! First Aid Dermal Recovery Blend - for cuts, scrapes, bites, minor skin inflammation, pimples. The moon is getting smaller and we are learning to let go and release. Moon square Saturn can lead us to digging too deep in our feelings.

Don't get too caught up in your emotions leading to brooding inner turmoil. Thoughts come and go like waves on the beach. If you need to lay crouched up in a circle of kittens to get thru the day, hey darlin', I say there could be worse things you could be doing.


Tag a friend who could use this pick-me-up note from the universe. Natural Double Terminated Quartz DT crystals have an amazing ability to draw in and transmit energy through both ends. They can be used to draw out stagnant or blocked energy within the body- just hold or direct the crystal over the area.

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They are great in meditation too, to amplify the experience, as well as dream work and dream recall. All of these babes are online. Yesterday you might have seen these in my stories. For Ostara, I lit a candle to honour the past, be in the present, and aim for the future.

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I anointed each candle with the Ostara Ritual Oil Blend, and focused on gratitude, where I am right now, and for things I wish to birth into the world. It wasn't a planned thing, it just sorta happened. Trust yourself, your intuition and possibly the divine.

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  5. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we need to step back and evaluate what is really going on. Making peace with the situation can lead to release and acceptance of a matter that has been hurting you for far too long. You often can't control the outcome in the game of life, and you probably shouldn't make that your goal either as it will often lead to poor results. Give it some time to explore the nature of the way things are. I know it sounds so much easier said than done but it is the fact of the matter.

    Creative arts regarding singing, acting, dancing, aerobics, writing, is also encouraged. Communicate something you are passionate about with the rest of the world.

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    4. Don't spend time charging into red flags; be the matador who dances with them. Yesterday around 9pm Pacific time, our rules and responsibilities planet Saturn began its direct pattern again.

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      Saturn turned retrograde at the end of April this year. I want you to remember back to that time and ask yourself what big changes were happening then. Saturn is also stationed in Capricorn, so wherever you find this sign in your chart was giving you some grief. The purpose of this transit though was to allow you to learn to work with setbacks and how to fully incorporate learning and hard work into your experience. You should hopefully have a clearer perspective of what you want and how to achieve it.

      Although Saturn tests our patience and will, he will also reward hard work and effort. As long you come out of the last 5 months with an understanding of what needs to be worked on or healed, then you will start to reap the benefits of this retrograde. Next up is Pluto, turning direct on October 3rd! Ostara Spring Equinox This weekend, witches, pagans and earth lovers in the southern hemisphere are celebrating the awakening and rebirth of all creation. The flowers are blooming, the animals are procreating and there is a renewal of vitality and energy in the air! Helps to soothe mild skin wounds, bites, stings, topical inflammation and pain.

      The oils have been carefully chosen for their therapeutic properties in a first aid situation.